SCB Abacus launches "Keb Hom" application, the first AI-powered money-saving app in Thailand


Keb Hom launch

SCB Abacus launches "Keb Hom" application, the first AI-powered money-saving app in Thailand, in a pilot with Mahidol University to promote financial discipline among millennials

SCB Abacus has unveiled their latest mobile application "Keb Hom" – the AI companion to help users achieve their saving goals. Keb Hom is the first Thai money-saving app to boast AI features to enable multiple saving methods to achieve targets set by the user. SCB Abacus has partnered with Mahidol University to pilot the application as an innovative tool in uplifting financial literacy and build financial discipline for the student community. Furthermore, SCB Abacus will be facilitating workshops to incorporate the students' feedback for the development process of the app so that it best matches their lifestyle.

Keb Hom launch

Prof. Banchong Mahaisavariya, Acting President of Mahidol University, mentioned "As university students are beginning to prepare themselves for their professional careers, possessing the essential life skills is just as important as being knowledgeable in their field of study. Skills such as financial discipline in the form of savings is an important fundamental towards maintaining a lifetime of long-term financial stability. The support from SCB Abacus in launching a money-saving app at Mahidol University will greatly inspire students to learn and develop the habit of saving, with the help of modern technology that meets the preference of young people."

According to Dr. Sutapa Amornvivat, Chief Executive Officer of SCB Abacus, "We are honoured to partner with Mahidol University in launching the Keb Hom app. It is our hope that this initiative will positively influence the attitude of the young generation towards their financial well-being, while providing the cutting-edge tools to do so. Mahidol University is a leading institution that supports the principles of financial discipline and represents the model of 'Digital Convergence University' with high caliber students possessing well-rounded knowledge, technological literacy, and readiness to enter the job market of the modern economy. Further from this, we have more exciting events planned for the near future. SCB Abacus will host a Hackathon-based event, open to all technology enthusiasts in the field of AI and Data Science."

The beta version of Keb Hom mobile application is now available. Those interested may register at to receive access.

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